August 15, 2018
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Making environmental stewardship and holistic
land management profitable.

Holistic management – no one part is more important than any other and all are inextricably linked.

Commercialising Cattle and Conservation. Finding the win-win.

Our Motivation

2011 saw us have an opportunity to live a lifelong dream – owning a farm and getting off the city ‘treadmill’. Since then we have been working hard to develop Jingeri into a holistic and truly sustainable cattle fattening and breeding enterprise.

Our passion for Jingeri grows every day. We see the farm as a rare opportunity to secure a small patch of high value farming and conservation land for the future benefit of our kids and grand kids. It is a great privilege to have an opportunity to make a difference in this world – especially one that will stand the test of time.

The Farm

About Jingeri FarmThe property ‘Jingeri’ formerly known as Grandepilly was purchased, in separate lots between 2011 and 2013 and encompasses 918 acres within Lot 1, Lot 11 and Lot 102 Duck Creek Rd Kerry.

  • Originally established by the Dunne family as a scrub dairy in the early 1930’s, later years saw the establishment of the ‘Fig Tree Feedlot’ an intensive cattle fattening business.
  • The property was sold by the Dunne’s in the 1990’s following which the property entered into a period of significant decline, increased erosion, declining creek and environmental health.
  • Jingeri is located immediately adjacent to the World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park and close to the reknowned O’Reilley’s Guesthouse. Jingeri is a unique mix of quality grazing areas combined with relatively intact remnant environmental areas located in the hills and escarpments of the farm. Currently, we comfortably stock up to 100 head of MSA eligible cattle and have plans to further improve our stocking rates through:
    • rotational grazing
    • enhanced soil health and biology
    • and further improvements to both our native and introduced pastures.

Our Vision

Our aim at Jingeri is to formulate and develop a integrative business model which prioritises both cattle production outcomes and conservation of our unique environmental assets. At Jingeri we believe that our economic success is dependent on how well we manage our environmental resources on the farm. Our stock are dependent on healthy soil biology, groundwater and creek water resources and intact native pastures and trees, so it is imperative that we manage these in a sensitive way, ensuring that they are not degraded over time.

What We Do

Our recent efforts include a partnership with SEQ Catchments to survey and document both animals and plants on the property, so that we may more accurately focus our land management strategies at the ecosystem level.

Initial data has found we are home to the Long Nosed Potaroo which is currently listed as vulnerable under the QLD Nature Conservation Act 1994 and the Commonwealth Environmental Protection & Biodi

potoroo Jingeri

versity Conservation Act 1999. These animals are:

  • highly specialised
  • very vulnerable to predation by cats, dogs and foxes
  • not well studied.

It is our hope that through further partnerships we will be able to facilitate scientific research, so that we may find ways to ensure their long term survival in the wild. Identifying assets such as the potoroo are key to understanding how our land ‘works’, as well as creating opportunities for funding assistance to help us achieve our vision.

Meet The Team

It takes a lot of passionate people to make things happen at Jingeri. Find out more about  Jingeri’s Managing Director, Tracy, graduate from the University of Queensland St Lucia. Tracy completed a BAppSci extended major: ‘Integrated Resource Management’ in July 2013, giving her broad experience in the areas of Environmental Management, NRM Economics and Agricultural/Social science. She and  the Jingeri Team have already achieved remarkable improvements within biodiversity conservation and cattle production on the farm.

Future Opportunities

At Jingeri we recognise that the market is changing. Consumers now demand that farmers operate the production end of business in an ethical and sustainable way and considers things such as future climate impacts.

Opportunities for projects such as carbon farming (planting trees to sequester carbon emissions) are real and achievable and will provide an alternative income stream for the farm as well as enhancing the conservation efforts we make well into the future. On the cattle side of things, new accreditation opportunities for grass fattened beef production will also help us raise a premium price for our cattle, responding to the growing consumer demand for grass fed beef.

Contact Us

From the team at Jingeri, we thank you sincerely for your query. We will contact you as soon as possible and wish you a lovely day in the meantime.