September 21, 2018
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Jingeri Farm – Where We Practice What We Preach

We don’t just talk about it, we live holistic land management & are determined to make it profitable

Jingeri Farm is a living testament to our passion for sustainable, commercial farming

Jingeri Farm – A Living Example

‘Jingeri’ is our piece of paradise that is a working cattle fattening and breeding farm. The information provided about grant funding, environmental stewardship, soil health and holistic land management techniques are being trialled on the property. We understand that the principles we implement need to be practical and effective, this website has been dedicated to promoting the Jingeri message of strengthening the future for Australian farmers. We don’t want to see the farming industry continue to decline, so we know how vital it is to try different methods. What we do is based on science, focuses on what is practical, feasible and affordable and when we make mistakes, learn from them and adapt what we are doing.

Our Location

The property ‘Jingeri’ formerly known as Grandepilly was purchased, in separate lots between 2011 and 2013 and encompasses 918 acres within Lot 1, Lot 11 and Lot 102 Duck Creek Rd Kerry. The property is close to the renowned O’Reilley’s Guesthouse and shares a fence line with Lamington National Park which is one of Queenslands’ sought after tourism attractions, very popular for:

  • bushwalking
  • camping
  • day trips
  • bird watching
  • education
  • mountain biking

The geographical location of Jingeri means that the farm acts as a buffer to a section of Lamington National Park. For the farm this means that we have an abundance and high species diversity of native wildlife and plants within and surrounding our property. The location also increases the population of four wheel drive enthusiasts coming through our property. A large part of our mission is to educate the general public, if only to remember to leave gates as they find them, nothing behind but your footprints and respect that Duck Creek Road passes through mostly private property.

Farm Facts

  • Originally established by the Dunne family as a scrub dairy in the early 1930’s
  • Later years saw the establishment of the ‘Fig Tree Feedlot’ an intensive cattle fattening business
  • The property was sold by the Dunne’s in the 1990’s following which the property entered into a period of significant decline, increased erosion, declining creek and environmental health.
  • We comfortably stock up to 100 head of MSA eligible cattle and have plans to further improve our stocking rates through:
    • rotational grazing
    • enhanced soil health and biology
    • and further improvements to both our native and introduced pastures.

Our Vision

Our aim at Jingeri is to formulate and develop a integrative business model which prioritises both cattle production outcomes and conservation of our unique environmental assets equally. At Jingeri we believe that our economic success is dependent on how well we manage our environmental resources on the farm. Our stock are dependent on healthy soil biology, groundwater and creek water resources and intact native pastures and trees, so it is imperative that we manage these in a sensitive way, ensuring that they are not degraded over time.

Our Partnerships

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