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Meet the team

Tracy Finnegan

Hello!!! My name is Tracy Finnegan, I am 44 years old and am a recent graduate from UQ St Lucia, completing a BAppSci extended major: ‘Integrated Resource Management’. I am married to Mark, and have four gorgeous daughters ages 17, 16, 12 and 9 yrs (all ages noted as @ 2013). Prior to my return to study I was an RN with my most recent experience in Emergency at Redland Hospital. I have been qualified in ICU since 1997.

I also have experience as a financial director within our business Gateway Container Park Pty Ltd, which was founded by my husband in 2001, from this I have gained several MYOB certifications and extensive business management experience.

In 2008, I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of making a difference to our environment, hence my decision to study at UQ. I am passionate about our planet and the challenges which it faces in this 21st century. My interests are very varied from bushwalking, sport and reading, to spending precious time with my family and travelling to new places both here and overseas. I have been an avid traveller all my life and spent 2 years in the UK and Europe in my 20’s and 3 years living and working in South Africa, when first married.

From 2008 to 2012, and again this year (2014) I chair Greening MBC  a subcommittee of the P&F, at my daughters’ school. Along with my fellow team members we have a sustainability focus and are closely involved in curricular activities that explore social and environmental issues of our times. Our focus is on education and communication, in order to achieve a goal of sustainable living, practiced at a community level.

I believe in the power of individual choice and the benefits of community action as a means to effect change.

Jingeri offers me the opportunity to merge knowledge gained whilst completing my degree, with my lifelong dream of being a farmer and conservation manager. I hope to develop a holistic business model which demonstrates that farming and conservation management are not mutually exclusive.

Mark Finnegan

Hi, I am Mark Finnegan married to Tracy and father to 4 wonderful daughters.

I have worked in the Shipping Container Industry for 25 years and am Managing Director of The Gateway Container Group based in Brisbane. We specialise in the handling, storage, service, sale, hire, modification and transportation of Shipping Containers. As a polluter I am aware of my corporate responsibility to find ways to balance the negative impacts which my business activities and that of the transport and shipping industry generally, have on the environment.

I grew up in the Western Cape in South Africa, and spent my formative years traipsing around the pristine mountainsides that were my backyard. This is where I developed an appreciation for the wonders of nature.

My hobbies include Bushwalking, bird watching, photography, family time and gardening.

My hope is to leave behind a legacy that see’s our passion and appreciation for the environment passed onto future generations of Finnegan’s and our canvas for this is Jingeri.

Katie Murdoch

Hi, my name is Katie, age 17, and I have recently just graduated from high school in Brisbane.

The farm for me, is a place that is a great escape from the business of everyday life. Along with this, it also gives me a chance to connect with the environment and experience all the wonderful things that nature can offer.

My favourite thing about the farm is the beautiful scenery and animals that exist in the area. It’s always lots of fun interacting with our own animals as well as discovering more and more about the wildlife that also lives there.

The farm is a perfect place to spend time with my family, and relax in the peaceful atmosphere. By having such a lovely environment, it really does open your mind to all the amazing things you have right in front of you.

Síne (Sh-nay) Finnegan

Hi I am Síne (Sh-nay), age 9.

I love the farm because it gives me a chance to reflect on the memories held there for our family. I also like it because there is no phone reception or TV, so I can read, write and draw about what is in front of me. If I am not reading or doing all of those things I am outside feeding the animals or gardening.

Cailey Finnegan

Hi, my name’s Cailey Finnegan. I am daughter to Tracy and Mark Finnegan and one of their four daughters. I am a senior student at a school in Brisbane and the farm is always a fantastic place to escape to for some peace and quiet.

Whilst at Jingeri, I love to go exploring, relax and enjoy the different sights and sounds that come with this beautiful piece of land that my family and I are blessed to own. No matter how much you think you know about this area, there is always something new to discover, whether it be a rare species, new plant growth or even a new baby calf.

Tara Finnegan

Hi my name is Tara Finnegan and I am 13 years old. I enjoy going to the farm because it is a nice way to get away from everything in the city. My most favourite thing about going to the farm is seeing our cattle and calves as well as the camels. The wildlife around is unimaginable we have many endangered species and we are trying conserve them. I love the farm and hope I can own one of my own when I am older.

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