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Ethical animal slaughter Recently I had a very interesting, but somewhat confronting, conversation with my daughter’s 17 year old boyfriend about cattle slaughter supplying budget beef to a major supermarket chain. You see he recently began working at a contract abattoir and on his second day came home distressed and physically ill because of what […]
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To weigh or not: Linking profits, nutrition and pasture condition.

At Jingeri we actively use cattle weights as an important and adaptive management tool. In early 2013 we urgently needed to upgrade our stock yards and cattle run. The existing run down infrastructure was not only difficult to use, but more critically was dangerous for our cattle and the team handling them. The decision was made to include […]
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Living Soils – Managing for biodiversity

Soil versus Dirt At Jingeri we see soils as the fundamental building block of our production enterprises. But it is important to recognise that soils are separate to dirt. Dirt is a combination of non-living (abiotic) minerals and particles which act as a substrate. Similar to the growing mediums used in hydroponics dirt is merely […]
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