August 15, 2018
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Tour Jingeri Farm With Tracy For Hands On Learning

You can’t beat hands on learning, for practical knowledge & sharing our passion

Tour Jingeri Farm With Tracy

Tracy Holly



Meet Tracy, Founder and Director of  ‘The Jingeri Management Group‘. Tracy is passionate about a sustainable farming future and loves nothing more than to share her knowledge and passion for the land with likeminded community members. With experience speaking to people of all age groups (from school groups to semi-retired) Tracy can take you on custom tour of Jingeri Farm to give you a personal, hands on experience of active holistic land management, environmental stewardship and sustainable cattle management.



Tours For Farmers

Wondering what is actually involved in holistic land management? It’s easier than you think! Let Tracy show you the simple changes you can make on YOUR farm to bring your land back to life and ensure it stays healthy for future generations. Tours can include:

  • stock rotation schedules/techniques
  • MSA regulations
  • weed management
  • wildlife & pest management
  • soil health

If there is something in particular you would like to learn more about, let Tracy know beforehand and it will be included in the tour!

Tours For School Groups

The next generation of farmers is crucial to the agricultural industry. After very positive presentations at local schools, Tracy is keen to ensure the message is shared with other young, passionate farmers (and potential farmers). If you are looking for a school excursion that is outdoors, practical, educational and FUN, a tour of Jingeri Farm could be just what you need! Tours can include:

  • soil health
  • importance of biodiversity
  • caring for wildlife & commercial stock
  • MSA regulations & why they are important
  • wildlife treasure hunt
  • Indigenous connections at Jingeri

We recommend bringing a packed lunch for a picnic on the property during the day, ensure that all participants have closed, comfortable shoes, hats and sunscreen. Please contact Tracy to discuss your school group needs and particular training topics you would like addressed.

Tours For Community

Would you like to be more involved with the local community decisions? Perhaps you are an NRM or environmental group boardmember, farmer, local councillor or a conservation volunteer? If you need (or want) to know more about how the current farming regulations are structured and what can be done to increase the longevity and commercialism of farming, organise a tour with Tracy to talk numbers, strategy and examples on the farm. The knowledge you take with you will empower you at your next meeting! Tours can include:

  • commercial viability of carbon initiatives under ‘Direct Action’
  • environmental stewardship projects
  • grant applications & interpreting the fine print
  • economic benefits of holistic land management
  • impacts of traditional weed & pest management
  • management structures required for effective implementation

If you have a particular issue that’s under consideration, don’t hesitate to let Tracy know what you need more information about. Working together it the best way to execute effective change.

If you are interested in booking a Jingeri Farm Tour with Tracy, please contact us through the Contact Page – Jingeri looks forward to welcoming you!

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