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Due to the devastating effects left by Cyclone Debbie in early 2017, Duck Creek Rd is indefinitely closed for safety reasons, until further notice by Scenic Rim Regional Council.

Is Duck Creek Rd Public Property?

There are long stretches of Duck Creek Rd that run through private property with the remaining land being part of Lamington National Park. The residents of Duck Creek Rd are aware of and accommodate the weekend influx of vehicles, bushwalkers and nature enthusiasts with the provision of the following:

  1. There is respect that you are on the private property of a working farm.

  2. The speed limit on Duck Creek Rd is 40km/hr and in some places will be lower for safety reasons.

  3. Never disturb livestock, fences or watering points. We have security camera’s positioned and will report any interference with our stock.

  4. Leave gates as found (gates are either open or closed for stock management).

  5. Take with you all rubbish, including foodstuffs as they may harm native wildlife and cattle.

  6. The Roadside is not a public toilet, be aware we have a lot of King Brown Snakes at Jingeri often seen on the roadsides!!

  7. Please respect all road signs and remain on the main roadway – anything else is trespassing.

  8. National Park Motto: “Take Nothing But Photos, Leave Nothing But Footprints”

What Is The Appropriate Toll?

There is a Toll gate on Duck Creek Rd leading up into Lamington National Park. The recommended donation is $3 which goes directly to helping Council maintain the road. Sadly in early October 2018, the cast iron toll box was stolen by persons yet to be identified. 

Why Is Duck Creek Rd 4×4 Driving So Popular?

Roads and tracks facilitate contact with nature. Contact with nature enriches our psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being (Parks Forum 2008). Working with the residents of Duck Creek Rd and Lamington National Park achieves a balance between the legitimate and appropriate recreational use of parks and achieving environmental protection, including protection of the natural, cultural and social environments. Lamington National Park also provides:

  • Recreation

  • Tourism and educational benefits

  • Income for regional economies;

  • And a social connection for regional communities.


Check out this video preview of travelling on Duck Creek Rd! 


Duck Creek Rd 4×4 Driving Tips

Duck Creek Rd is not a Four-wheel driving "park" and anyone found in private property will be referred to the police. Having said that 4x4 driving is a great way to enjoy the tremendous variety of outdoor experiences offered within Lamington National Park, State forests and other reserves, when allowed. A private four wheel driving recreational property exists in the Scenic Rim for those enthusiasts who are seeking a challenge and excitement. Jingeri and Duck Creek Rd does not cater for this kind of land use!

The following provides tips for acceptable conduct and long-term sustainability of both the activity and the environment http://www.wa4wda.com.au/. Remember that all of us have a responsibility to care for our environment so that others may also enjoy it in years to come. 

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