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It takes a lot of passionate people to make things happen at Jingeri. Jingeri’s Managing Director, Tracy Finnegan, graduated from the University of Queensland St Lucia in 2013, completing a BAppSci extended major: ‘Integrated Resource Management’, giving her formal knowledge in the areas of Environmental Management, NRM Economics and Agricultural/Social science. Tracy has been a staunch advocate for pragmatic and sensible policy and legislation that brings together conservation and production. She has served on the board of the SEQ Catchments Members Association (SEQMA), been an active member of AgForce QLD, serving on their Vegetation Management Committee since 2015. In November 2018, Tracy will take up the position of SEQ Director on the AgForce QLD Board of Directors. Through her leadership, the Jingeri Teamhave already achieved remarkable improvements in biodiversity health and conservation as well as sustainable cattle production. She is a passionate advocate of Land Stewardship and holistic management, a creative and innovative manger who is prepared to take calculated risks in order to drive innovation, diversify the business portfolio and strengthen the farms financial bottom line.

The Jingeri Management Group Education

Tracy Finnegan loves to talk to groups and individuals about her experiences at Jingeri, in particular:

  • Commercialising cattle management & conservation in tandem

  • Biodiversity on Australian properties – the benefits

  • Ecosystem services and natural capital essential to profitable low cost farming

  • Holistic land, soil and water management

  • Promoting carbon sequestration in landscapes for profit


Tracy Finnegan – Land Management Consultant & Educator

Tracy consults and presents to:

  • School Groups

  • Councils & Membership Boards

  • Independent Field Specialists

  • Farmers & Land Owners

Below is one of the presentations created by Tracy with her youngest daughter Sine for a younger school group:


Understanding the ecosystem food chains at Jingeri: Author Tracy Finnegan

If you would like to speak with Tracy about a customised presentation, please don’t hesitate to email and include any particular topics you would like included.

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