Farming and the Environment: The backbones of humanity

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Avocado Tree

I recently stumbled upon these incredibly emotive pieces published by the QLD Country Life Newspaper. I will not sully it by trying to explain the messages, but challenge anyone to watch and not be moved. For me they simply sum up my immense pride to be part of an industry that is thousands of years old and forms the basis for human survival. Without a healthy environment and a strong farming industry humans would cease to exist on this planet. One of the things that would make me truly angry at university was the assumption held by many, that agriculture is the root of all our environmental problems. This is simply wrong. Most farmers I know, love their land and seek to take care of the best way they know how and can afford. Unfortunately they have to do so with little support from Governments and urban communities alike. Most struggle to be profitable as myopic government policy moves us further away from finding balance and reducing the tension between production and conservation. Farmers quite simply are some of the hardest working and most disenfranchised members of our modern society and are convenient scapegoats in the eyes of an increasingly urban based, ideological environmental movement.

The reality of our life of modernity is that as society becomes more and more urbanized, it also becomes more and more disconnected from the people and places that supply our basic life’s needs. I call it the urban bubble effect, where we lose sight of the fact that milk comes from a cow not a carton and that beef cattle are covered in hair not cling wrap and that the steak on our plate was walking around a paddock not that long ago!

Anyway – watch the videos and decide for yourself. But I warn you to have your hankie ready – the one made from cotton that was probably grown somewhere not far from here.

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