Long Nosed Potaroo (*Potorous tridactylus tridactylus) discovered at Tara’s Rock Jingeri

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Our partnership with SEQ Catchments, The Scenic Rim Regional Council and DDWFauna Environmental Consultants has led to an exciting discovery. In the process of conducting a fauna and flora survey on the property we discovered that we are sharing our farm with a community of Long Nosed Potaroo’s (formerly known as a ”rat kangaroo”). Listed as vulnerable under the QLD Nature Conservation Act and the Federal EPBC Act, this find has caused some excitement.

So why would this be a cause for excitement on a cattle farm I hear you ask? Well it just so happens that this little potaroo is no ordinary potaroo – it is a fungi eating one and that is a bit unusual. The thing about fungi is that it will only grow in soils that are healthy and contain suitable nutrients. The fungi is an important component of soil health as it’s biological processes help make soil nutrients more available for plants to use. So for us as farmers, fungi in the soil is really important because it is fundamental to the biological health of our soils and in making key nutrients available to our pastures.

We have nominated the section of Jingeri where they are found as a voluntary conservation area (Gazetted QLD Nature Refuges: Jingeri A & B), so that the future of this animal can be protected. We will also formulate a strategic approach to managing this habitat area that is consistent with the approaches used in the adjacent Lamington National Park. We believe that consistency, cooperation and coordination of management approaches is key and vital to producing the most ecologically sensitive outcomes for all biodiversity particularly over the long term. So watch this space.. we will keep you updated as this new project evolves.

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