The commercial benefits of environmental stewardship.
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Knowing where to begin is no longer the biggest hurdle for improving farm management. Jingeri work hard to provide the most relevant information in a no nonsense format so you can get the information you need, available 24/7.

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November 2013: We have been successful in securing grant funding of $2000 from the Scenic Rim Regional Council Environmental Grants 2013. This money will be put towards the revegetation of Area C and part of Area B as described in the project proposal (see link). We anticipate that we will have all these areas within the project completed by mid 2014. We will endeavour to secure further funding from various sources in order to complete all three revegetation project areas as described by the end of 2015. The total project value which includes plants, labour costs (in kind), maintenance over 5 years (in kind) and tree covers is approximately $26’000. The project areas (A,B & C) combined spatial extent covers approximately 6 Hectares. The averaged cost is approximately $860/Ha/yr.

SRRC Grant application 2013


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